Essay on Earthquake for Students (English)

What is Earthquake

As soon as the name of the earthquake takes place, the mind shakes with fear. Where there is an earthquake, many houses become demolish, and along with the human beings, many organisms die in homes and the scene of the total end (Scene) becomes present.

Japan is called the country of earthquake. The day is coming, the earth trembles. These earthquakes are caused by the eruption of Volcano. In Japan there is a high volcanic mountain, due to the increase in heat in the earth, the volcano suddenly bursts and the earth starts rolling.

Causes of Earthquake

Our earth is mainly made up of four layers, inner core, outer core, mental and crust. Crystals and upper mantle are called lithosphere. This 50-kilometer thick layer is divided into sections, which are called tactonic plates. These tartonic plates shake from their place but when it gets too much, an earthquake comes. These plates can move from place to place both horizontally and vertically. After this, they look for their place and in this case, a plate falls under another.

Measure to Earthquakes

The scale of the Richter Scale is used to measure the intensity of an earthquake. This is called the Richter Magnitude Test Scale. Measure earthquake waves on the basis of Richter scale from 1 to 9. The Richter Scale Scale was discovered in the year 1935 in collaboration with Beno Gutenberg, a scientist working on the California Institute of Technology, Charles Richter.

To measure the earthquakes, the Mercalli scale is also used in addition to the Richter. But they measure the earthquake on the basis of strength rather than the intensity. The trend is less because it is considered less scientific than Richter. Several reasons may be responsible for the damage caused by earthquake, such as poor texture of houses, poor structure, type of land, population settlement etc

How to Save from Earthquake

  • As soon as you feel the earthquakes tremor, you sit under a strong table and hold tightly.

  • Until the shocks continue, sit in one place. Or until you make sure you can get out safely.

  • Stay away from the big shelves, if he falls over you then you can get hurt.

  • If you are on the bed then stay there and hold it tightly. Put the pillow on your head.

  • If you are outside, then go to a vacant place, that is, building, house, tree, away from electric pillars.

  • If you are driving a car then slow down the car and take it to an empty place and park it. Stay in the car till then, until the shocks are over.

  • If you are outdoors, on the road or in the market then get in the field or near open space.

  • Do not stay close to high buildings and get away from them.

  • If you are trapped somewhere, then do not run, it may lead to more shocks.

  • Try to stay away from trees and electric wires.


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