Global Warming Causes and Effects and Solutions

Global Warming Causes and Effects and Solutions (Essay)

Conclusion of Global Warming Essay

Global warming is not the problem of either a person or a country, but today it is the biggest problem of the whole world, this whole world. If global warming continues to grow like this, then the day is not far when the whole earth will be destroyed. Many of you may have been aware of global warming, but we will try to explain those who do not know in this article, because it is extremely important for everyone to know about Global Warming.

The literal meaning of global warming is to increase the temperature of the Earth. Simply put, due to continuous pollution and greenhouse gas, the temperature of the earth is constantly increasing, which is called global warming. Today, we are seeing today that the heat is increasing constantly, in the old times it did not get so much heat and the winters were left only to the nominal and that day is not far when the whole year will remain only summer. All this is the impact of global warming. Now you must have understood that our earth is rapidly going towards destruction.

Main Causes of Global Warming

  1. Continuous cutting of trees

  2. 2.Growth of greenhouse gas i.e. CO2 carbon dioxide

  3. 3. Due to increasing population of population, the carbon dioxide released by humans is increasing rapidly in the environment.

  4. 4. CO2 carbon dioxide absorbs the sun's heat and is the biggest cause of global warming.

  5. 5. Trees take carbon dioxide as a breath but trees are becoming less, so CO2 remains in the atmosphere

  6. 6. Factories smoke, this smoke contains carbon monoxide.\

Global Warming Effects

  1. In the last 25 years, the temperature of the Earth has increased a lot

  2. 2. If carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide are constantly spreading in our environment, human life can be in danger.

  3. 3. According to the IPCC report, sea level will rise by 7-23 inches by the end of this century.

  4. 4. Since 1880 the temperature of the Earth has increased to about 1.4-Fahrenheit degrees

  5. 5. 20th century has been the hottest century in the last 400 years

  6. On the North Pole, the vast ice frozen on the Arctic is melting rapidly

  7. It is believed that so much ice is frozen on the Arctic that if it melts it will get more water than many oceans. That is, the water on the Arctic is equal to many oceans in the ice and if it melts, then what will happen? Then the catastrophe is coming soon

  8. 8. By 2040, it is estimated that the frozen ice on the Arctic will melt in summer

  9. 9. In 1910, the Montana Glacier National Park had 150 glaciers, out of which only 25 glaciers survived

  10. 10. Increasing global warming will increase the risk of fire and storms in the forest.

Global Warming Solutions

Apply the tree as the tree is the life. Someone has said right that the tree gives oxygen, yet no one wants to plant the tree but if the tree wifi gives the signal, then plant all the trees. It is so sad that we are throwing our mother's throat with our own hands. Friends should have at least one tree in their own homes and spread pollution to the least, then this land can be saved from global warming.


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