Navratri Festival Story and Importance Essay

Navratri Festival Story and Importance Essay

The importance of Chaitra and Shardi Navaratri is very special in Hindu religion. Navaratri is a special festival of Durga worship. For nine days, different forms of Mata Durga are worshiped. This is the worship of Shakti, the power which we all have to follow. In Hindu religion these festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the country.

Navratri Story 

At the time of Navratri, Durga had killed the demon Mahishasur. Mahishasur had demanded some powers from Lord Rama after worshiping Lord Shiva. Because of these same powers Brahma Vishnu Mahesh himself was not able to kill him.

Mahishasur had kept all the gods intimidated. Therefore all the gods went to Brahma Vishnu Mahesh and wished salvation from Mahishasura. Then all the gods, together with their power, gave birth to a new power which was given the name of Durga. Mata Durga has many names in which power is also a name for them. Mother Durga slaughtered Mahishasur and liberated the deities from the wrath of demons. Since then, worship of Mother Durga is prevalent

Lord Rama, Lakshman, Hanuman and all the Vanar Sena had worshiped Ashwani Shukla from Pratipada to Navami (Shardhiya Navaratri) mother Durga. After this, on the tenth day Lord Rama climbed to Lanka and defeated Ravana and won. Therefore, the festival of Dashera is celebrated on the tenth day which symbolizes the victory of religion on truth and unrighteousness on falsehood. Navaratri is worshiped in nine forms of Adishakti Mata Durga. These forms are also called Navdurga.

Some people in Navaratri also suffer from eating because they have enough rules of eating and have to follow them. In the days of Navaratri, frozen poultry or ghee flour made of flour or pistachio or can be eaten whole and if there is some problem in the middle, then lemon water, dried fruits or coconut water can also be taken. Only take vegetarian food at the time of fasting

Let us tell you some things that you do not forget or otherwise may be your reason At Navaratri, no one should speak dirty words. Those people who are fasting do not think either wrong or do not speak abusively about it, it is the blasphemy of the purity of the mind.

Do not touch food in Navaratri. Make simple and sour food, it gives peace to the mind Do not eat thirst and garlic in Navaratri, they are all considered tamasic Do not wear black clothes while worshiping


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