Stories with a Moral Message : Three thieves story

Stories with a Moral Message

Three thieves story - There was a Brahmin named friend Sharma in a village. Once he was going to his house after getting a goat donation from his host, the path was long and deserted. On the way forward, he found three thugs on the way. After seeing the goat on the shoulder of the Brahmin, the three planned to grab it.   The three became different First of all, a thug passed through the Pandit and asked Pandit Ji about what he was carrying on his shoulder.

What is this disaster that has raised a dog on your shoulder by being a Brahmin? The Pandit responded with a rebuffed saying, "Nothing is going blind, do you see this goat? Are you a blind goat?" On this, thugs responded by creating a fake face that my job was to tell you what happened to you. Murzie. If you have to take the dog on your shoulders then what do you do? You know your work He went out saying this.

After walking a little distance, Brahmin got a second smuggler. He said to the Brahmin, "Panditji, do not you know that the people of the high caste should not be able to wear a dog on their shoulders." Pandit also rebuked him and went ahead. After going a little further and further on this, Pandit got the third smug and he asked the priest to bring the dog on the back, if he came in the mind of the priest that neither my eyes are at risk, so many people can not lie That is this dog and he went a little further on the way and took the goat out of his shoulder and went home.

Three thugs blew a goat and fought a lot. That is why it has been said that once again, in lieu of Juti, in Majority, he feels like the truth and people become prey to deceit.


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