Three Thieves Short Moral Story for Kids

Three Thieves Short Moral Story for Kids

It was a very old time thing once there were three thieves. Once the three had stolen the wealthy person's house, everything ran away and robbed. They filled all the looted money in a bag. The three thieves looted everything and hid it in the nearby forest. After some time they began to feel hungry. There they did not get anything to eat in the forest. So a thief from them went to a nearby village to take food. The rest of the thieves stopped in the jungle to guard the goods of theft.

The thief who had gone to take food had a bad reputation. In the village, he ate a meal in a small hotel, then he took food for his colleagues and walked from there. Going on the road, Greed was in his mind and he started thinking that if poison is mixed in this food, then all the money looted will be mine. Finally, due to his bad determination he mixed poison in the food.

On the other side, the greed woke up in the minds of both of the thieves and they had planned to kill him. Now the circumstances were that the three thieves had planned to kill each other. As soon as the thief came with food, the two thieves got an opportunity to attack his head with heavy stones and he died there. Later, he thought that the money should be shared among others by eating food. But both of them died after eating poisonous food. In this way, the end of these bad guys was finally bad.

Education - The end of evil is bad.


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  1. Super story I have got full 5 marks by writing this thank you so much for your story