Article on Save Tiger : Essay on Tiger

Article on Save Tiger : Essay on Tiger 400 Words

Tiger has been declared as National Animal of India. Tiger is a non-vegetarian animal found in forests, which falls under the category of mammals. Tigers are found mostly in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan and Indonesia. Tigers are the most powerful and violent animals in animals. The color of the tiger is yellow and its body has black strips which attract it. Its feet have sharp nails that easily tear the prey. Tigers mostly relax in the shade of trees during the day.

Deer, wild boar and cheetah make different kinds of animals their prey. Tiger is considered to be an organism of cat species. Tigers can run at speeds of 50 to 65 kilometers per hour. Tigers can survive for 20 to 26 years.

The male tiger weighs 290 kg while the female tiger weighs around 200 kg. 8 species of tiger are found. Some of these species are completely extinct, the species found in India is known as the Royal Bengal Tiger. The tiger is slightly larger than a female tiger.

Tiger Information for Kids

Tiger tail too large and has black stripes and hair. The four legs of the tiger are very powerful, it uses the feet behind their jumps, while the two legs of the next do so to hunt and pull it.

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The tiger's breeding season is very interesting; the male tiger rotates all year alone; it is only during the fertility period that the female remains with the tiger. During this time, the male tiger does not come near another tiger if another tiger is present. There is a terrible battle between the two, the male tigers become reproducible until the age of four, whereas the female tiger is ready for reproduction for three years, its fetus is 100 to 115 days.

Female tigers can give birth to 2 to 6 cubs at a time. The tigers have black streaks from birth on the body of the newborn cubs. Cubes eyes take 14 days to open. The cubs drink their mother's milk for about 40 days, after which they start eating prey made by their mother. The tiger breeds reproduction with many females during a reproductive period and after the end of the prajan period it separates from the female. That is, the mother alone foster children.

Our national animal has reached the brink of ending due to the continuous forest and constant hunting by predators, hence, tigers are celebrated every year on July 29, considering the decreasing dwindling tigers.


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