Indian Farmer Essay in English Language in 250 Words

Short Essay on Indian Farmer in English

The farmer is called the world's food-stater and the economic system of the country remains on the farmer itself. India is also called an agricultural country. Most people live in villages and cultivate in India. Indian farmer has won his life by doing karmas
The Indian farmer spends a very simple and simple life. He is always far away from the world of festivities and pomp. The Indian farmer works hard in the fields from morning to late evening and he always shows honesty towards his work.

Indian farmers are unable to use the latest tools and latest techniques due to mostly illiteracy and neither can they develop mental development. Farmers' crops are destroyed many times due to dry and flooding, and after hard persuasion, the farmer has to face starvation many times.

The ignorance of the Indian farmer is the biggest curse for this, due to which he is unable to understand the modern methods of farming and keeps himself bored.

But in today's time the farmer is getting educated and he has now learned the importance of the highest seeds and the use of modern machines. The government is also providing him many types of facilities. Now the life of the Indian farmer is improving, now he is being introduced to modern farming methods.

The farmer is the food adder that he is the true servant of the society. The happiness of the society is only in the happiness of the farmer. It will be the welfare of the country in its welfare. We hope that the farmers will prosper very much in the future and the country is proud of that.

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