Paragraph on Dog in 300 Words : My Pet Animal Essay

Short paragraph on Dog -Like other pets, the dog is also a palmist. The dog is considered to be a very selfish person. This is a very useful animal. There are many species of dogs Some dogs are very sensible. The olfactory power of the dog (the power of sniffing) is very intense. That is why police takes the help of dogs to catch the criminals. The dog is a quartered animal. It has two eyes, two ears and a tail. Dogs are of many colors. Its size varies too. Some rabbits like small and few goats are bigger than
The Rich People the dog for the housekeeping. A dog barks at the doors of the door and becomes strangled by seeing a stranger. When a burglar hits the night, neighbors also get alert when barking, and the thief is forced to escape or sometimes even be caught.

Domestic pet dogs keep their boss care. They are tied in chains. On time bathing and feeding, but there are a large number of dogs roaming around the streets. These dogs wander every time in search of food. If they get a piece, then they are beaten and beaten. These dogs wander through cold and heat in the rain. Occasionally the committee takes hold of such dogs. Although the dog is a big beneficial animal, but being crazy becomes more dangerous.

It breathes out the tongue out of the mouth and breathes it out. It is said that hatred is caused by the birth of dogs and cats. Dogs are of several types. They have very hair on their body. It is of many colors like black, brown, white They also come in many ways. Some are small, some are thick, and some are thin. One particular thing about a dog is that it floats in water too. It loves your boss very much. They are loyal. The dog is more loyal than the person says. It also proves helpful in catching thieves.


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