Short essay on Christmas in English

Short essay on Christmas in English - Jesus Christ was the founder of Christianity. Today there are many who believe in Christianity in many countries of the world. Christianity has the highest number of followers in the world. Jesus was born on December 25, 2000, two thousand years ago. Today's Ecclesiastes are counted only from the birth of Christ and on December 25, every year is celebrated as 'big day' i.e. 'Christmas Day'. Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, a small village. This village is situated near the famous city Jerusalem of Palestine country.


Jesus Christ was born as a great man. He was an avatar man. On their birth, people saw the bright light coming from the sky descending on the ground. Some shepherds had heard this radio station that God's son would be born in this village tonight. After hearing the news of this news, the evil king of Palestine had ordered the killing of all the infants. But Jesus' father, Zozef, succeeded in taking them to Egypt.

Jesus Christ was a very kind person since childhood. They always taught to purify the mind, non-violence and to atone for sins. They preached to believe in God as Father.   There were 12 main disciples of Jesus Christ. When Jesus was only 33 years old, he was crucified. They were charged with false allegations of mischief and misleading people. Shortly after this death, Jesus Christ was resurrected and raised from the grave. Celebrate this day as Christian Easter.


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