Short Essay on Crow in English

Short Essay on Crow in English

Crow is a very ordinary bird. It is found everywhere in the world. It is black colored. Its speech is harsh and unpleasant. It is a clean bird, i.e. a bird that cleanses the dirt and keeps the environment pure. It ends up eating so many dirt and waste items like meat, bread, double roti, dessert, breakfast, meat and dead animals also eat. Its beak is very strong. It can also break harsh hard things too easily. This bird eats by killing the other bird's children.

Essay on Crow in English

Crows live in a herd on the tree. It is a very smart bird. Sometimes they steal food items from homes and shops. It is a very brave bird, sometimes it takes things from China even with the hands of children. They get up early in the morning and begin to do some work with their raucous voice. Even if there is a danger, it also starts to do some work. When it takes a cat to see it, even then it starts doing some kind of swelling, by doing this, it warns other poisons of danger.

The pigeons living on the mountains are large in size and are completely black. While the neck of all the people living in the city is gray. It is easily fooled by cuckoo. The cuckoo puts his eggs in the crow's crow, and the crow accidentally sits on top of the cuckoo's egg. Coke children are born. Another bird looks like a crow, which is called Jack Dawn.

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