Short Essay on Diwali (Deepawali) in English : Information

Diwali Festival Essay in English 300 Words

Diwali is a famous festival of Hinduism, it is also known as Deepawali, this festival of Deepawali is celebrated very fervently and devoutly throughout India. Deepawali means Deep + Awali Deep means the lamp and the avali are the lines from the lines of the lamps. This festival is a festival of light which celebrates the new moon of Kartik Moss every year. People on this day do lamp and lamp in their homes.

Deepawali Information in English

There are many stories related to the festival of Diwali, the most important story in these stories is Lord Rama. On this day, Ramchandra returned to his city Ayodhya after suffering 14 years of exile in forest and detonating Ravana Ravana who kidnapped mother Sita. This festival has been celebrated since the happiness of people who celebrated ghee and donated lamps in their homes. According to Sikh religion, on this day, Guru Hargobind ji, the sixth Guru, had rescued 52 kings and himself from captivity in Jahangir prison.

Many weeks before Diwali, people start cleaning their homes, shops etc. People decorate them by coloring them and making them grow in the markets. Children wear new clothes. In the markets, sweets and fireworks shops are decorated. There is a happy atmosphere everywhere.

On the morning of Diwali, people make many types of dishes in the house. At the place, fireworks and fireworks shops are decorated and people from the morning share sweets and gifts among their friends and relatives. Laxmi is worshiped on the night of Diwali and The sky shines with the sound of fireworks and fireworks in the night, the sky appears to be flipping around. People burn ghee in their homes, surrounded by lamp and lamp, the house gets awakened.

On the next day of Deepawali, the festival of Govardhorn is celebrated. On this day Shri Krishna took the Gawdharna Mountain on his finger and rescued the Burjwais from the wrath of Indra. The next day is celebrated by the festival of Bhaiyduj, which is the sacred festival of brother-sister relationship.

The festival of Diwali is a symbol of purity. On this day some people play gambling and drink alcohol, which breaks the sanctity of this festival. The duty of all of us is to remove this evil. Like the lamp destroys darkness


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