Environment Essay in English Language

Environment Essay in English Language

A pure and peaceful environment is necessary for any human or animal in the world. The environment is that which is practically all around us

The air we breathe every moment, the water that we use in our daily routines, plants, animals and other living things all come under the nature. If there is any kind of obstruction in the balance of nature, its impact on our environment, which has an effect on our lives.
In today's era, every person is playing his own personal interest, misusing it. With water pollution, noise pollution, cutting trees, air pollution and many types of pollution we are going to spoil our nature day by day. The effect of which our future generations

World nature Day is a campaign which is celebrated for many years on 5th June every year for spreading awareness about the public about environmental protection and cleanliness. Swachh Bharat campaign has started Along with the government, the common man should also take care that he should keep his environmental clean from the dustbin, reducing the use of plastic etc. With our small initiative, we can clean our surroundings.


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