Essay on Corruption in English 200 Words simple words

Essay on Corruption in English 200 Words simple words

Corruption is dominated in the whole of India. It means a way that is not appropriate in any way. In every sphere of life, no corruption is untouched. The problems of our lives and responsible corruption of India's big problems are only corruption. This is a poison that people use for their selfish ends and spoil the entire society.

People are forgetting their culture when they come in greed for corruption, their sense of sacrifice is ending. It has spread its roots in the entire society. After India's independence, India has made progress only in two ways from the first population and the second corruption. As the population increases, problems of unemployment and poverty are arising.

Small Essay on Corruption English

This is of many kinds, taking bribe, stealing, etc. It has spread to almost all the areas. There are several reasons for its spread such as dissatisfaction, inequality and selfishness, development of human being through corruption, as well as the advancement of the country. Stops The main reason for the rise of corruption is the lure of making man's wealth more prominently. Human beings become victims of corruption's by appealing to the pleasures of pleasures.

The government is taking concrete steps to end corruption's so that this social stigma is removed, the common people will also have to come forward to eliminate it, then this evil can be eliminated.


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