essay on flower in English

essay on flower in English language

Yes, I am a flower-flower! Nature is the most beautiful of the mother, the gentle, the speech and the beautiful son - the flower! The park is my home. Wind is my companion. My fragrance is my invisible, gentle, wide spreading world around my eyes. Such a world, in which no man can live without being filled with happiness by being filled with happiness.
Without even saying that there is a big aromatic floral bloom here! Yes, the same kind of drunkenness and drunkenness is the world of my flowers. The same is beautiful and free. I am the real form of beauty. mine.

Beautifully, I make all the environment beautiful, I also spread the talk of it far and wide! Only by touching me, by filling my fragrance in my invisible wings, this screwed wind comes to my senses of beauty and fragrance far and wide, then people run away from me.

Flower Essay in English

Let me break it. If you decorate your house with a decoration in a bouquet, then throw it into a necklace and make me necklace of my neck. Sometimes I become a gazeer and I can fill it with the beauty of a beautiful woman and fill her beauty with moonlight, and then I will be lonely in her hair and pull everyone's attention away. Many times, I have got the good fortune to swing in beautiful ears and kiss the gentle cheeks of her.
Devotees and devotees of God find me enjoying on the feet of God, then the frustrated lovers get a kind of peace by offering their beloved lovers. Many times I have been given gifts to specific people in the form of bouquets or necklaces. Hey, I remember those lines of revolutionary poet 'An Indian soul' till today, that seeing me, representing my emotions, on his lip, was stirred;

"Take me away, you throw it on that path; Sheesh Chinna on the Motherland ?? Jawen Veer Many! "But such honor and praise did not get me that way. For this, I have had to remain in the form of a seed for several days with the knees in the soil of the earth. You can not guess: What did you spend on my mind after looking at my breath and knees and tears at the moment?

When the sun rays on the top of the earth, they roasted and scorched, sometimes within the earth, sweating and sweating too many times. Then suddenly From nowhere, there was a torrent of water coming from that heat; But he was not able to protect the tan from his body. Many times the tastes of the taste of some manure have to be tasted, many times swallowing hard-boiled medicines and mittalis also start coming.

  Some Lines on Flower for kids

Many times it happened that the Khariyan-Fawdeo of the Mali or the farmer also reversed my body as well as the soil. What is in mind when facing such situations? No. So it is only possible to tell all that and you can not guess all of that. But what is this? One day I got a new zeal with the blessings of Earth Mother in my self-cleaning UK body. The new excitement was experienced while taking the Angadians.

I felt that while expanding my limbs, I was leaping from the mother mother and coming into her lap. I heard the man in the gardener telling someone to say - the beautiful buds are bursting this time. So I understood that my name is 'Ankur'. He does not have a birth name, nor did he have anything like that. After a few more days, he heard again from the mouth of the man - "How wonderful is this plant 'Just, I thought I am not a sprout, I am a plant-plant. Now the man started taking care of my big attention.

At the right time, water was given to drink, some fertilizers were added once or twice. With great attention and careful weeding, removing all the unspeakable grasses, weeds etc., Thus, the plant became increasingly larger in the form of One day I experienced some knees-falling in my upper pores. Just got worried that this new trouble is going to come? I could not even answer my question about that once I heard the sounds of slowly groaning those tumors.

'Hi Rama! What is this going to be? 'I went to the square; But no one said anything after coming out of the hurry, but just started to lie down quietly. After a few moments he saw that ahhata stopped coming to me. My keeper was the gardener. He looked at my condition and smiled and constantly smiled. Then lip-lips-lips said - 'By the morning, these buds (knots) will surely become blooming flowers.

'Flowers!' Once again I was shocked. The first seed, then the seedlings after the plant, then the knot- and the flower now? Do not know what is to be done now? But by the time the night had come, so he went to Mali. My anxiety did not diminish. Dipped in anxiety overnight As soon as Prabhat Kaal's Manda Pawan started to moan, after having his sweet-touching touch, I started taking a bath with my own fragrance like a bloom. After coming out of the winds, I started giving lorries to me and kept continuously. Yes, now I was blossoming flower which was ready to be. Yes, that's just my self-story!


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