Essay on Lotus Flower in English

Essay on Lotus Flower in English

Lotus is very beautiful It is the national flower of India. It is believed that the worship of Goddess Lakshmi in flower has special significance in worship worship. Its blossoms while staying in the sunlight. It is known in scientific language as Nelumbo Nucifera.  These are considered as sacred flowers. Lot has been associated with Indian culture since ancient times. It is in pink and white. These are found in ponds and muddy places.Lotus Flower

Lotus Information in English Language

Its bloom in the beginning of the march on the lotus plants by the end of August, the  blooms with sunrise and the feeding continues throughout the day and the flower is destroyed during sunset.

Its bloom only for three days and in three days all the petals fall one by one. Only the middle part of this remains out of the water. A petal of flower can range from 20 to 70 petals, these petals are in many rows.

In the old times, the King and Maharaja used to use it to keep their hair black. It has special significance because it keeps its beauty even while living in mud.  It have many petals. Its leaves float above the water. Its leaves are smooth and bright.Its seeds are light colored but after drying it becomes dark black.


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