Essay on my favorite Flower Rose

Essay on my favorite Flower Rose

My beloved flower is 'Rose '.The rose is called the King of flowers. More than 100 species of rose flower are found. Rose Day is celebrated every year on February 12. This flower is most loved among people for beauty and its softness.

I love the rose flower very dear. It is considered to be the king of flowers.
Its aroma is very attractive and breathtaking.
Rose flower is the world famous for its beauty.
Perfume of rose is also made due to its fragrance.
It is a common plant found in almost every garden.
Rose flower is the world famous for its beauty.
Due to this beauty, Rose Day is celebrated on February 12 in entire India.

Rose is also used in making bouquets and decorations etc.
Gulab water and Gulkand are also made from Gulab flower.
It is found in various colors such as red, white, pink and purple.
The rose plant has small thorns that protect it.
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