Essay on Value of Sports

Essay on Value of Sports

The game is a process that we start to grow often. Playing in our lives is of great importance. This is equally important for us as far as studies are concerned. If we talk about old times, then it is seen that at that time entertainment was the only sport. In today's world, there are countless instruments of entertainment but play without man is incomplete.

There are also many types of sports, such as some games are played in the house, in which our brain is used as much as chess, coloring cards etc. Apart from this, the play that plays out in addition to the mind also includes physical use, there are many types of sports such as cricket, tennis etc.

The importance of playing in today's time is also because of all our development. Play is good for our self. Due to this our ability to think increases. We are also stress free from play. At present, the game is not just an entertainment tool but it is also a way to earn money. The government also gives full support to the play as it gives the country's name brightness.


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