Few lines on my pet Dog

Few lines on my pet Dog

The name of my dog ​​is Tommy, which is very cute. Tommy watches our house. It gets shocked when a little bit hurts. When I take it out to move out of the house, I take chains in the neck and carry it. I play with him in the morning .

Tommy's color is brown; its height is not bigger and neither is it much smaller. There are big ears and there is a small tail. Tommy bread, milk and rice etc. are its main food. This is a very clever dog. It understands our signs as well. It is like a member of our family. When it came with my father, at that time it was too small.

I go out roaming every evening with my dog ​​in the jumps and jumps out of it. Tommy likes to be clean and clean so it does not spread dirt in the house. This day also restores the house. I take great care of my Tommy in me.

I'm proud of my dog ​​Tommy.

Few lines on my pet Dog


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