few lines on Parrot in English for kids

few lines on Parrot in English : short essay on Parrot 

Parrot 'is a very beautiful bird. Its feathers are greenish. It has a red beak. Its beak is twisted. On the neck of the parrot there are black circles. Overall, it is a very attractive bird. It eats grains, fruits, leaves, seeds, mango and boiled rice etc.
This is a bird speaking. It can speak the human voice. It is found in almost all hot countries. That usually lives in the bill of trees. Some people lock this bird in a small cage which is never appropriate. Some people also train parrots for amazing things.

Parrots fly very fast Usually they fly in the herd. It is very pleasant to see them flying in the herd. Their eating habits are also unique. They catch any thing easily with their claws and then they bite it with a beak and say it with great pleasure.

This is a vegetarian bird. They prefer to eat cereals, fruits, leaves and seeds. Fruits such as mango and guava are especially dear to them. But the domestic parrots say all those things with great interest, whatever we give them.
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