Fish Essay in English Language for kids in 250 words

Fish Essay in English Language in 250 words

Fish are such animals that can remain only in water and it is found in abundance of sources of fresh water and in abundance in the ocean. Fish breathes through the gills; Fish gills help in breathing through them; They filter the dust oxygen in the water and take out the filthy air and when the fish is taken out of the water, its gills stop working. Due to which the fish can not breathe and they die.

Short essay on Fish for Kids

Most fishes lay eggs but some give birth directly to children like white sharks. There are some fish that can swim backwards like Trigger fish. Goldfish is not the eyelids of fish, so he can not close his eyes. Over 25 thousand species of fish are found in the world. Most fishes only know the taste of the cheese with the touch of their body.
Whale fish is the largest organism in the ocean, the main food of this giant organism is dry plant called Plankton. Besides this, the shark fish is considered one of the largest predators of the sea. The white shark can also increase the temperature of your body, which can also cause it to remain in cold water. The most poisonous fish is the stone fish which dies immediately after eating.

Many species of fish are preyed by their oil and skin, many things are made and most of them work in food, hence the world of fish is on the brink of extinction today.


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