Holi Essay in English 200 words : India Festival

Holi Festival Essay in English 200 words 

Holi is an Indian Hindu festival, according to the Hindu calendar, this festival is celebrated in full moon of Phalgun month. This festival is celebrated mainly in the areas of Hindus and Nepal and other regions of the world.
Many fairs have been associated with the festival of Holi, the main story of which is that of Prahlad Bhagat, it is believed that in ancient times Hiranyakashipu was a very powerful monster called the name of God in his city and he wanted to do it. People only considered him as God, but his son Prahlad did not consider him a god. He believed Lord Vishnu, but he did not understand even Hiranyakaship's explanation.

Seeing the devotion of Lord Pralhad towards God, Hiranyakashyap asked his sister Holika, who had received the boon of not burning in the fire, to take Prahlad in the fire, according to the order of Holika Hiranyakaship, lifting Prahlad and taking it in her lap, sitting in the fire Prahlad Nothing happened but Holika was consumed in the fire. This festival of Holi is celebrated in memory of this.

This festival of colors is traditionally celebrated for two days on the first day Holika is combusted, which is also known as Holika Dahan and the next day the festival of colors is celebrated. People paint colors on each other, children throw colors from pitchcrafts The songs of the Holi are sung and weave the gulas and weave the drum. On this day there is a happy atmosphere everywhere.

In fact, the festival of Holi is the festival of colors. This festival is a festival of joy, excitement and goodwill.

Essay on Holi Festival in English 

Holi Holi is a festival of colors. This festival is a message of the arrival of spring. Upon its arrival, all beings and even nature are pleasers and are uprooted. Hindus celebrate Phalgun month with great pomp every year. This festival is a symbol of union and sacred love. This festival is celebrated with great joy and gaiety by the peasants and the days are ready by harvesting the crops grown by the farmers throughout the year. They do not fail to see their crop waving. House farmers sing together and dance. On this day all the people in the night fire the new grain in the fire of Holi and distribute its grains to everyone and forget Aapasabarma and hug each other. In the evening, women and children worship Holi.

A story related to Holi is very popular. Prahlada, son of Daityaraja Hiranyakashipu, was the ultimate devotee of God. But father Hiranyakashipu was an atheist. The father forbade the son to take the name of God many times but did not consider Prahlad. The father gave many kinds of torture to the son. Even tried to kill him, but Prahlada, a devotee of God, did not deviate from his path.

In the end Hiranyakashipu set him on the lap of his sister Holika and set him on fire. Holika had the boon that she could not burn in the fire, but the result was reversed. Holika was burnt to ashes while Prahlada's hair was not tied. Hence Holi is considered a symbol of the victory of religion over unrighteousness. And since then Holi is lit at night in memory of this incident.
The next day of Holi is of the bride. On this day, Holi is played with color and gulaal till about two in the afternoon. Children, young and old men and women participate in this Holi. Some people place sandalwood in place of Gulal and embrace each other. Many groups are seen dancing and singing on the streets and streets. Holi of Braj is very famous. On this day, people prepare dishes and feed others sweetmeats etc. On Holi, some people also consume cannabis.


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