My Aim in Life Essay in English

My Aim in Life Essay in English Easy Words 200 words

Every creature in the world is moving towards its goal. Sun, moon, stars all keep moving towards their goal. Then how can I keep my life without any purpose?

Everyone's purpose is different. Someone wants to be a doctor, no leader, no engineer But my purpose is different from that. I believe that the foundation of a good nation is his good written and sentimental people. The purpose of my life is to become an ideal teacher.

A good teacher can be the foundation of a good nation. The teacher is the center of education itself. He can also make his disciples fit and able to burn the light of knowledge even in his heart. Why not even burn the lamp of knowledge in the heart of every young student with the light of its education?.

If I can remove the darkness of the mind of the masses from this immortal lamp, then the goal of my life will be fulfilled. Therefore, want to become a teacher and teach this lesson to every child that he should pray with God and ask for the same -
from darkness, lead me to light
Oh God ! Take me from the darkness to the light.


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