my best teacher essay in English

my best teacher essay in English

Education is very important in all of us This education can be perfect path an ideal teacher. The ideal teacher is his character and academic ability. Without a teacher, the student's life is incomplete

Ideal teacher helps in removing the ill-fated dark in the country Such teachers make a torch for others from their own principles The best example of ideal teacher is Chanakya, who was the master of Chandra Gupta Maurya.

In today's times, our society and environment have been filled with evils. Today's students have become rude, they have lost their passion for reading and they are becoming attractive toward wrongdoing and are running behind the money. In this case, there is an ideal teacher who takes concrete steps to overcome such impracticality and contributes fullheartedly.

Every student has an ideal teacher who understands the way A good teacher is the valuable asset


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