my pet cat essay

my pet cat essay

Cat is a small and playful little pet. It has four small legs and a lovely lovely tail. Cat's toes and tooth are very fast. Cats look like a small tiger in appearance. Its body is soft and silky hair. Its eyes are brown in color.

Cats are found worldwide. This is one of those pets which are most commonly found. Some people raise cats in homes, while some people consider cats as bad guys. Cat is America's most popular pet.

Cat Essay for kids in 150 words

Cats are comfortable. It sleeps 13 to 14 hours a day. Thus, cat two-thirds of the day only spends in gold. Its snuffing power is very high. Its eyes are very sharp and it looks clearly in the dark too. Even if the cat falls from a very high height, it does not hurt because its body is very flexible

It is ridiculous that even today, it is bad to cut the cat's path due to superstitions, and many times people return even when the cat's way is cut.

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