My School essay in English for class 5

My School essay in English for class 5 and small kids

My school is in the capital Delhi. It is one of the renowned universities in the country. Students from all over the country come to study in this university. In this Vidyalaya, special attention is given on sports except education. Special arrangements have been made to play sports of cricket, Kho-Kho, Tennis and Football.

The building of my university is very beautiful and spacious. High  walls all around the building are beautiful beautiful grassy grounds and a beautiful garden is built here and there are lots of colorful flowers. There is a fountain on one side of the garden. Beautiful trees are also found in the Vidyalaya, trees and beautiful flowers in the queue create beautiful scenery

My School Essay for kids

There are approximately 80 rooms in the university building, all the rooms in the class are open and airy. All the teachers present in my school are very good, they are all qualified and highly thought-provoking. All have a feeling of affection for their students. There are two libraries in this Vidyalaya. There are very good books available here but here you will find a book in the language. Students from the library can take books to read

There are many science laboratories in the Vidyalaya, which are used here for experimentation, which makes them easy to understand. Apart from this, students are taught in very simple way, they are explained in most practical ways, maps and charts.

Special care is taken to cleanliness in the Vidyalaya. All rooms of class are cleaned daily, students who come to read from a distance have been specially built for their accommodation and they have also made good arrangements for eating food. has gone. That's why my university is the best of all the colleges.


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