Newspaper Essay in English

Newspaper Essay in English

In today's modern era many instruments have been invented, such as radio, television, mobile internet etc. But despite all these newspapers have their own importance.

In ancient times, the means of receiving news were pigeons, horses and falcons, and at this time the sadhu-Mahatma used to send the news, so that the news took a lot of time to reach. Over time, the newspapers printed in the invention of the printing press began to appear.

Newspapers were started in the 16th century, but newspapers in India were started during the British rule, India's first newspaper was India gazette.

Today newspapers are spreading in almost every language, and they are printed every day. Some such letters are printed on the weekend, on which articles, inspirational stories, poems are printed.

Essay on Newspaper in 250 words

Today there are hundreds of news channels running across the country who broadcast news for us all day but despite this, the newspapers have their own identities, people still prefer to read the newspapers along with the tea chips in the morning. All news stories are printed in newspapers, whether it is political, Bollywood, games, games, etc. then there are other types of stories available in newspapers for us.
In daily newspapers, articles such as inspirational and educational are printed, which you can increase your knowledge by reading.

But there are so many benefits of the newspapers that they are also damaged. Some of the letters have been shown to attract attention of the people towards their obscenity, which leads society towards the wrong direction.
That's why newspapers should always remain loyal to their duties and, more and more, should publish articles that oppose the character of the country, favor the justice and oppose the atrocities

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