Save Animals Short essay for Kids 200 words

Save Animals Short essay for Kids Wildlife Paragraph on Animal for kid

In the forest there is a large number of terrible and violent organisms. Elephants are the forest and the largest creature of land but it is vegetarian. Animals like Tiger, Tiger, Bear, Cheetah, Fox, Python etc are non-vegetarians. The lion is considered to be the king of the jungle because it is very powerful and its move is very robust.

Elephant is the only organism in the forest that has the ability to withstand it. That is why the man rides on an elephant and walks on the jungle. Seeing elephants, the lion does not come near them.

Some greedy people kill rare wild creatures for their immediate benefit. For the tigers their skins, the elephants are slaughtered for their teeth, musk dung to the kites and some animals are sleeping for the flesh.

When some wild creatures wander out of the forest of nature and wander in the fields then the rural people kill them. There is a need to strictly stop such activities.

The best way to protect wildlife is to increase the area of forests. Wild animals can live happily in it if there are wide forest areas. Hence there is a need to act seriously in this direction.


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