Save Tiger Essay in 200 Words

Save Tiger Essay in 200 Words - Tigers have now become a matter of thinking and are continuing around the world. The number of their reduction has started to awaken and take care of the government officials. While the government is already taking projects to protect the tiger, there is something special about it, as is the common people also. Here are some tips that will help us to make a little bit bigger phase in the path.

Save Tiger Essay in 200 Words

No matter what you are doing, creating awareness is the first step and, this beginning is even more important when focusing is to preserve tigers. Try to focus on "Save Tigers" by advertising and such growth due to images, leaflets, advertisements, internet websites.

You can also try paying attention through the funny ways of planning competition events. The more you propagate the gospel, the more people you will follow for this reason. Whether it is about tigers failing or collecting equal rights of protection, the development of meditation is incredibly important for all public reasons. So promote the phrase.

If you want to protect the tigers, then you have to stop the prey even when the government has stopped selling the tiger's skin and dead bodies, then hunting is done though it is very important to leave the act. is.

Paragraph on Save Tiger in 100 words

Whenever you look for a tiger to hunt someone, you should call the police immediately. When you try to hunt and leave, make sure that you do not inspire the predators by purchasing predators, leather goods, shoes and products.

It has been found that our forests are tilted and it can be an important reason that organisms like tigers are disappearing. Today, there is not a proper ecosystem for developing and producing tigers.

So, protecting the forest is the next step. Planting the forest is very impossible but yes, you can plant many trees. Then, keep an eye on people to teach environment knowledge among the people.


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