Save Wild Animals Essay for Kids 150 words simple words

Save Wild Animals Essay for Kids 150 words simple words

Everyday living organisms are endangered species of animals. The main reasons for the continuous harvesting of the forests and the living space of the animals is less. Secondly, the continuous prey of human being who is more responsible. In ancient times, King used to hunt wild animals for his hobbies, and in today's era people suffer wild animals for their benefit.

Tigers are hunted for their precious skin. The elephant is hunted for its teeth. Other organisms are killed for meat. There is a need to strictly stop such victims.

Short Essay on Save Wildlife

As the forest is going away, the wild creatures are also going away, the government has made many rigid rules to protect the wildlife that is becoming wiped out. Hunting of rare creatures has been banned and habitations are also being provided to preserve them.

The best way to protect wildlife is to provide them a good place to live as more forest areas are increased. In animals, living organisms are more comfortable in large forests. Finally there is a need to think seriously in this direction.


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