short essay on Camel in English

Short essay on Camel 'is a huge animal. It has a large bulge. Its feet are very tall Its neck is long. There is a big sac in its stomach. This is also called 'the ship of desert'.

This is a very useful animal. It is very loyal and famous for your patience. It can run and run easily in the desert. It can collect more water in the bulge of your body. Because of that, it can live without water for a long time. It comes with a carriage and a burden. this is also used in agricultural work and water pulling.

short essay on Camel in English

essay on Camel for Kids 200 words

There are four legs of camel, two eyes, a tail, a hunch on the back and two hanging lips. When the sandy wind blows in the desert, it closes its nostrils so that the sand can not go into its nose. It's knee and neck have hardness which protects them from rubbing while sitting and sitting.

They drink 36 liters of water a day. If he gets fresh leaves to eat, the amount of water is reduced to 4 liters. There is a huge sac in the belly of camel. In which he gathers enough water and food.
The hair of the camel's body is also cut. In Punjab, it's hair is removed and mustard is massaged and worn on it. When the mud gets dry then the camel is bathed. It is believed that the hair becomes soft due to sludge. The skin becomes healthy and soft. The children of camel's children are cut in the rain.

It's hair brings in the use of the textile industry. Overcoat, rope, wool, pouch etc. are made from her hair. This also comes in carrying carry, riding and farming. It is also used in the battlefields.
Thick fat camel reflects the sun rays, so the body of them is never too hot. They are never sweated, therefore it is the best animal for the desert. You have seen the them moving very slowly but the they can run faster than 40 miles per hour in the desert

They eat grass, grains, seeds, twigs. They also close the nostrils of their nose so that the sand does not penetrate

Camel facts for kids


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