Short essay on Child Labour in English

Short essay on Child Labour in English in 200 words in simple words for kids

Childhood is the happiest moment of every human life, neither is there any responsibility nor any concern, but it is not necessary for the childhood of all to live in such happy moments. You will be well aware of child wages, no matter how many hotels and homes you have seen doing small children working as a child laborer.

On the sayings of poverty, helplessness and parents, these children fall into the wedge of child labor. The largest child labor in the world is in India. A report of international child labor, in India, 1.5 million children are trapped in the swamps of child labor. Due to child labor, more than 50 percent of children are subjected to physical torture, as well as they have to be victims of sexual violence and malnutrition.
The government has declared child labor as a crime and has made many strict laws, but has any of these children taken seriously?

To eliminate child labor, it is most necessary to eliminate the first poverty and provide two-time roti for these children. Apart from this, the government has to take concrete steps and the public will have to show its awareness.


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