short essay on Elephant


Short essay: Elephant is a huge animal. Its height grows to about 10 feet. It is usually found in dark colors. Its skin is very harsh. It has a long stomach. It has two large ears and two bright teeth. It has two small eyes and the body is quite gigantic. It has a small tail and four legs. The elephant usually lives in the jungles.

Elephant is a very useful animal. It is a very sensible and obedient animal. It can be trained for various tasks. It can be used for many purposes. Its spindle is quite useful. With the help of its stomach, elephants eat and drink and pick up heavy stuff. In earlier times, elephants were used in the war.

Elephant is a wise creature. It is believed that the movement of elephants is very fast. By making them domesticated, humans do many things. Elephants were used in war in ancient times. They are able to pull heavy chariots, like the horses pull. These can be trained by doing many tasks. This is helpful in lifting heavy loads. They are very skillful in lifting the timber. They carry heavy clutches of heavy wood from their hooks and put them in a fixed position.

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