short essay on Pigeon in English for kids

short essay on Pigeon in English for kids

Pigeon' is a beautiful bird. It is found in the entire world. It is a determinative, flying bird whose body is covered with cherries. In place of its mouth it has little beak. They have skin membranes between the beak and forehead. They eats seeds, grains, cereals, nuts and pulses etc.

short essay on Pigeon

Dove is a bird with a quiet character. There are many types of pigeons. In India it is white and gray. In the olden days it was used for sending letters and letters. Pigeons are considered symbol of peace and symbol of good luck.

Pigeons always like to fly in flocks. Pigeons can often be seen flying in flocks, their movements are always in a straight direction. The pigeon that heads the flock is always ahead and the other pigeons fly behind them.

The female pigeon lays 8 to 10 eggs at 1 time, out of which small ones come out. The baby is born within 1 month. Both pigeons and pigeons raise their babies together. Within about 2 months, pigeon children start flying.

Pigeons have to protect their children from the eyes of predators, often predatory birds prey on pigeon children and kill them.

Pigeons are also found in the forests, pigeons live in the forests by nesting on the bills of the mountains or on a big tree.

Pigeons fly in the sky competitions are also organized. In these competitions, the pigeons keep flying in the sky all day, the pigeon is flying in the sky for a long time, that pigeon is declared the winner.

A pigeon is a calm and simple-like bird that is not as hard as a crow like other birds. The pigeons are hunted by the letter poachers, due to which a large number of pigeons have reached the verge of extinction, having no place to live is also considered to be the main reason for the extinction of pigeons.

Due to the constantly changing environment, pigeons cannot find themselves in such an environment and feel unable due to which some of their species have become extinct. We should always protect such beautiful birds and should never hunt them.

10 Lines on Pigeon in English for students and kids 

(1) Pigeon is a medium and beautiful bird.

(2) The color of this beautiful bird is gray and white.

(3) The diet of this bird is cereals, grains and rice etc.

(4) Pigeon has a small beak.

(5) Pigeons can fly very high in the sky.

(6) Pigeon's eyes are small and their color is light red and brown.

(7) Pigeon has two legs and claws.

(8) This bird is considered a symbol of peace.

(9) In ancient times people used to send pigeons to send letters.

(10) The age of pigeon is about 10 to 12 years.


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