Tree Plantation Essay in English

Tree Plantation Essay in English

Trees are beneficial for us in many ways. These carbon dioxide emitted by organisms convert these life-forms into oxygen. We make different types of medicines from their leaves, barks and roots. We get juicy and delicious fruits from them. Trees provide us shade. Not only animals and birds in their shadows, humans also breathe in happiness. Where trees are in sufficient quantity, the amount of rainfall is also correct. Lack of trees causes drought.Tree Plantation Essay

Tree Plantation Essay

The beauty of the environment comes from the trees. Woods obtained from trees are used to make building and furniture. In this way, after birth, man depends on the various types of objects, from trees till death and from them. The poet, Ravindranath Tagore, understands the significance of the trees and the tree is a relentless effort to speak from heaven, this tree.

Planting Trees Essay in English for Kids 200 words

The trees keep the earth green. The greenness of the earth is the main reason for its appeal. Living places where there are adequate number of trees and plants are appealing. The trees give shade. They provide shelter to animals and birds. On the trees, animals, monkeys, squirrels, snakes, birds, etc. are very comfortable. They provide pleasant shade to the passengers. Humans and animals rejoice in their cool shade.


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