Trees are our Best Friends Essay in English

Trees are our Best Friends Essay in EnglishTrees

Trees are the true friends of humans. Human beings have an unbreakable connection with nature, trees are the basis of our lives, without them our life is incomplete. They are very philanthropic, they give us clean air. These are  helpful in raining and help prevent flooding.

Life without tree can not be imagined. The most important thing about them is that they pull the carbon dioxide released by humans and other creatures and in turn give them oxygen.

The roots of the tree is able to prevent the erosion of the land, which prevents the land from becoming a Marathal. Apart from this, we get fruits and food from trees. We get wood from trees which we use to make fuel and furniture etc. Many types of herbs are prepared from tree which are helpful in many types of diseases.

Save Tree Essay in English Language

Knowing all this, how many great friends are our friends, how helpful are there in our life, human beings have become enemies of these trees for some of their pleasure facilities, they are harvesting the tree indiscriminately, due to which the balance of nature The problem of pollution is worsening, and the pollution in the earth's protective armor is getting cracked and the earth is constantly getting hot.

Due to tree most of the rain water drains are absorbed by the tree of the rivers, which reduce the risk of flood. That is why cutting trees, that is, putting their lives in jeopardy, that is why we should protect the tree and have more and more new tree.

These are our friends, it is the duty of all of us to save them.


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