Essay on Drug Addiction , Its Prevention , Causes

Short Essay on Drug Addiction for youth 200 , 500 words

Essay on Drug Addiction in Hindi - Essay on Addiction to Addiction (100 Words): Drug addiction among our youth is becoming very common, perhaps young people find this life very heavy. After avoiding this, they take drugs, sometimes parents themselves cause it either they are too strict or there is no time for their children to participate. Young people feel neglected Our extraordinary system of education is also one of the major reasons. When young people fail to get employment after 15-20 years of education, they become frustrated and take drugs. Drug addiction has become a major social problem. There is no short-cut treatment for the drug abuse. We often complain that our youth are getting wrong, but we rarely do anything to understand our problems, to keep our youth away from drugs. The method is to use their energy in a creative way. An employment-based education system should be developed

Sociologist says that drug addiction is an addiction that has come to the western countries of India and other oriental countries. Indians are heading towards the west and the intoxicants are becoming addicts. Many families in modern society- Problems are lack of love and affection powers; Young people are accustomed to becoming addicted to drugs under the pressure of accustomed friends.

Psychologists say that drugs help to add to addiction to the world's tensions and problems. But they cause great harm to the nervous system and break the mental make-up of the addicts. This causes death because even if he can suddenly die by taking addictive drugs, the return should be done gradually.

Drugs should be treated with love and compassion. Society should take strong action to control dishonest traders and narcotic smugglers. There are rules for drug control across the world, yet addiction is increasing gradually. What is a drug anti-consciousness among the youth of different countries.

Essay on Drug Addiction in Hindi - Essay on Addiction to Addiction (500 Words): Drug Addiction is not a new phenomenon in our society. History is that man always knows the use of drugs such as cannabis, hepatitis, marijuana. Many men and men, including the king and artists, know to take medicines as a habit, as a common man has also taken medicines as a part of a religious ceremony or as a social tradition, however, As long as synthetic drugs did not develop and with increasing difficulties in daily life, due to their derivatives resulted in an uncontrolled wave of drugs and drugs Land. This habit is not limited to only special classes of society. Today, people of almost every era, profession and society come under the influence of these medicines in the society from various names like brown sugar, cocaine, smack etc.

There was a time when frustration, dismissal and emotional disturbances were the main reason for which one person took drugs. But now we can easily reach the long list of curiosity, pressure of peer group, spirit of courage and a long list of causes, due to which today's generation has become addicted to the drugs. The most unfortunate fall from this drug-taking incident is that a person easily gets used to it. Everyone needs only one puff. Once someone becomes addicted, then he regularly commits any kind of crime to get regular supplies of drugs. He can cheat, steal, lie, and sometimes kill, so that he can give enough money to buy drugs. If he is not able to get the next dose of medicines, then symptoms of deep withdrawal of all addiction suffer from symptoms.

His nose starts water, he meets the stomach and body cramps, his body hurts, his eyes are a burning sensation, he divides headache and becomes very sick. The only way to treat this addiction is through qualified medical support, a strong will and a very helpful family. The addiction epidemic is spreading rapidly in our society. Therefore, time is needed to properly monitor the development of youth and keep an eye on their habits. Apart from this, a family should give children all the love and attention, support, faith and encouragement. They should tell their children about the harmful effects of drugs on the human body. And if possible, take them to see the drug breeds in hospitals, so that they do not feel the need to experiment with drugs at any time.


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