Essay on female education in India for children and students

Essay on female education in India 3 (200 words)
Due to the low rate of female education, our country comes second in the world in terms of population. If the woman herself is educated then the future of the country will also be educated. Women education was a big issue in medieval India, although today the issue has largely settled. Now in India, female education is given importance as men's education so that women can bring positive change on social and economic level. In ancient times, women were not allowed to leave the house. In the name of education, they were limited to domestic work only.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Ishwarachandra Vidyasagar were some social reformers who had done a lot of commendable work for the development of women during the British Raj. Both women and men together represent half of the country's population. If they are like two sides of a coin, then both women and men are entitled to equal equality in the development of the country. Without women, society can not be imagined because they are the only born of the coming dynasty. If the women are well educated then they will be able to educate the future generations, so that society and the country will be able to progress.

Essay on female education in India 4 (250 words)

Female education is very important for the right economic and social development of Indian society. Both men and women are two sides of a coin. The way the balance of bicycle relies on both wheels, the development of society in the same way is also dependent on the shoulders of men and women. Both have the capacity to take the country to new heights, so both of them have the right to equal education. If the level of education falls on any one of these two, then the progress of society is impossible.

Benefits of protection of women in India:

It is very important for women to be educated for the advancement of India, because the first teacher of their children is the mother who makes them aware of the goodness and evils of life. If women education is ignored, then it will not be less than any threat to the future of the country. An illiterate woman does not have the ability to take proper care of her family and children. This will weaken the coming generation. We can not count all the advantages of female literacy, but so can say that an educated woman can play the responsibility of her family and children well, she can give good knowledge of the bad, the country by doing social and economic work. Can contribute to the progress of

By educating a man we will be able to reach education to only one person, but by educating a woman, we will be able to reach education to the entire country. The lack of female literacy makes the country weak. It is therefore necessary that women should be given the right to education and they should not be considered less than men.


In today's time, India is constantly making progress in the case of female literacy. In the history of India, brave women have also been mentioned. Some famous women like Meerabai, Durgavati, Ahilyabai, Lakshmibai, as well as women's philosophers of Gedgi, Vishwara, Maitri etc., of the times of Vedas are also recorded in the history of the page. All these women were the source of inspiration. We can never forget their contribution to society and the country.


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