Essay on nationalism in English Language

Essay on nationalism in English Language 200 words

The feeling of respect and love towards our own country in our heart is called nationalism. However, this feeling must be naturally occurring within every person, but due to some external reasons and ignorance in the upbringing, the anti-national sentiments of children can flourish.

It is compulsory for every citizen to show gratitude towards his nation because our country, our country of birth, is our mother only. As the mother gives birth to children and suffers with many hardships, it does not even turn away from abandoning her pleas for the happiness of her children, in the same way, the land of our nation produces grain for us by solving a solution on her chest, That nutrient is our nourishment.

Nation is paramount

Some scholars have also said that in the climate of the person who is born there, the plants, rivers and all other nature-related resources together lead our lives on the path of development and make us strong at the physical and mental level. The affection and affection of the motherland has such power that it gives us the power to stand firmly in front of other nations.


In fact, a nation is born only when all the citizens living in its borders can feel the cultural heritage and the spirit of unity in partnering with each other. The feeling of nationalism binds India into a thread from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. In a vast country like India, the spirit of nationalism has always been rising above the differences of caste, creed and religion. Due to the spirit of nationalism, Indians have the distinction of being in the world's largest democracy, which is known for their values of peace, humanity, brotherhood and collective progress.

Essay on nationalism (400 words)

The feeling of attachment and dedication to your country is called nationalism. Nationalism is the only thing that keeps all the citizens of any country in the same way, despite the differences of tradition, language, ethnicity and culture.

Comparison of nation with mother

The nation has been compared to mother, not only in our country but in the whole world. Just as a mother rearves her children, a nation also fulfills various needs of its citizens through its natural resources. We are able to forget many differences by class, caste and religious divisions by the spirit of nationalism, and it has been seen that whenever whenever there is a situation of war in any two countries, all the citizens of those countries are united, Encourage the spirit of our country's soldiers with spirit.

Nationalism binds the country into a one-sided

Nationalism is a collective spirit whose power can be estimated from the reality that people living in the boundaries of the country made on its own basis emphasize the integrity of the nation on their various entominations and for the country, if necessary. Do not hesitate to sacrifice even the souls. Due to the spirit of nationalism, people who are never met with each other and completely unaware of each other are tied in the form of national unity. In all the countries of the world, through nationalism, citizens have been able to agree on different issues related to the nation.

Nationalism and globalization

According to some scholars, the process of globalization has affected nationalist ideology to some extent and now that there is no special meaning of national borders and this situation has challenged the spirit of nationalism. Their reasoning is that apart from globalization, technological advancements like internet and mobile phones have greatly reduced the rates in the world, although this interpretation of nationalism is immaterial.


For the progress of any nation, it is necessary for the citizens of the nation to have a feeling of nationalism. Understanding the importance of nationalism and repetition of patriotism in its citizens, all the governments inevitably organize national festivals throughout the world. During these programs, respect for the national flag is expressed. In general, the unity of the citizens plays an important role in the progress of any nation and nationalism is the feeling that results in the formation of unity while eliminating the bonds of religion, caste and hatred.


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