Essay on Save Water in English Language

Essay on water conservation 1 (100 words)

Water conservation is the only way to save water to solve the problem of water scarcity in the future. In India and other countries of the world, there is a huge shortage of water, due to which the common people have to make long distances for drinking water as well as preparing them for daily work. On the other hand, in the areas of adequate water, people are wasting more water than their daily needs. We all need to understand the importance of water and the problems related to water scarcity in the future. We should not ruin and pollute useful water in our life and should encourage water conservation and protection amongst the people.

water conservation

Essay 2 on water conservation (150 words)
Water is a priceless gift to humanity by nature. Life is possible only on earth because of water. People in India and other countries are struggling with water scarcity while three-fourths of the earth is surrounded by water. Due to the lack of water, people teach us to save water in order to save the environment, life and world due to the difficulties faced by people in different areas.

Water is the most important source of life on earth because we need water to perform all the functions of life, such as drinking, making food, bathing, clothing, and producing crops. We need to save water for proper supply of water for future generation without polluting it. We must stop the waste of water, use water properly and maintain water quality.

Essay on water conservation 3 (200 words)
Water is a priceless gift for our life on earth by God. According to the availability of water on earth, we can understand the importance of water in our lives. Everything on earth and all life-forms needs water, such as humans, animals, trees, insects and other animals. The balance of water on earth is through some processes such as rainfall and evaporation. Three-fourths of the earth is surrounded by water, whereas very few percent of water is clean water available for human use. Therefore, there is a problem with the lack of clean water which can end life here.

Clean water is a very important element for life. Therefore, to protect the future, we need water conservation. If we save water, we save the whole world and life on earth. Water is called universal liquid, so this is the main component to assure the quality of life. We should take a pledge to use the water according to the need only to pollute it without mixing it together. Water pollution should save us water by preventing other dirt and industrial pollutants in the water. There should be proper pollution management, all of which should be followed.

Essay 4 on water conservation (250 words)
It is absolutely clear for all that water is very important for the existence of life on earth. Water is required for all our actions related to living life. We are surrounded by water on the four sides (about three-fourths of the earth) on the ground, in spite of this, we are facing water problems in India and other countries of the world; Because 97% of the whole water in the ocean is salt water, which is not right for human use. Only 3% of the entire water on earth is worth the use (which is 70% as ice layer and glacier and 1% water is available as drinking water).

Therefore, we should understand the importance of clean water on earth and try our best to save it rather than waste the water. We must save our clean water from being wasted and polluted by industrial wastes, sewage, hazardous chemicals and other dirt. The main reason for water scarcity and water pollution is always increasing population and rapidly growing industrialization and urbanization. Due to lack of clean water, people can not meet their basic needs in the near future. In some states of India (such as Rajasthan and some parts of Gujarat), women and girls spend long distances for clean water. According to recent studies, it was found that about 25% of the urban population does not have access to clear water. By making the purpose of "Save water, save lives and save the world", we need to come together to deal with the lack of clean water through the most appropriate methods.


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