Essay on unemployment in English

Essay on unemployment in English

Those who want to work and are looking for a job honestly but for some reason they are not getting a job they are called unemployed. It does not include those who are voluntary unemployed and are unable to work due to some physical or mental health problems.

There are many factors that cause unemployment problem in the country. It's main in:

Soft industrial development
Rapid growth in population
Staying focused on theoretical education
Decline in cottage industry
Lack of alternative employment opportunities for agricultural laborers
Non-technical advancement
Unemployment not only affects individuals but also affects the rate of development of the country. It has a negative impact on the social and economic development of the country. Here are some of the results of unemployment:

Crime rate increase
Bad standard of living
Loss of skill and skill
political instability
Mental Health Issues
Slow economic development
Surprisingly, despite the negative consequences in the society, unemployment is one of the most overlooked problems in India. Government has taken some steps to control the problem; However these steps are not effective enough. It is not enough for the government to initiate programs to control this problem, but it is also important to focus on their effectiveness and if necessary, should also take steps to revise them.



Essay 2 on unemployment (300 words)
Unemployment is a curse for society. This not only affects people but also unemployment affects the entire society. There are several factors that cause unemployment. These factors were explained in detail in detail and possible solutions to control this problem.

Factors That Raise Unemployment In India

Increase in population
Growing fast in the country's population is one of the main reasons for unemployment.

Soft economic development
As a result of slow economic development of the country, people get less employment opportunities, which leads to unemployment.

Seasonal occupation
A large part of the country's population is connected to agriculture. Due to seasonal business, it only provides work opportunities for a fixed time of the year.

Slow growth of industrial sector
The growth of the industrial sector in the country is very slow. Thus, employment opportunities in this area are limited.

Decline in cottage industry
Production in the cottage industry has dropped significantly and due to this many artisans have become unemployed.

Possible solutions to eliminate unemployment

Population control
This is the right time when the Indian government takes drastic steps to control the country's population.

Education system
Education system in India focuses on theoretical aspects rather than skill development. To generate skilled manpower, the system needs to be improved.

To make more employment opportunities for the people, the government should take steps to promote the industrial sector.

foreign companies
To create greater potential for employment, the government should encourage foreign companies to open their units in the country.

Employment opportunities
Employment opportunities should be created in the rural areas for people who are unemployed for the rest of the time working in a certain time.


The problem of unemployment in the country has remained for a long time. Although the government has started several programs for employment generation, yet desirable progress has not been achieved. Policy makers and citizens should make collective efforts to acquire more jobs as well as to acquire the right skills for employment.


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