Global Warming Essay in English

Global Warming Essay in English

Today, there is global warming in the form of a major subject of the atmosphere on Earth, due to which the surface of the Earth is constantly increasing. It has been assessed that in the next 50 or 100 years the temperature of the earth will increase so that many problems will arise on this earth for life. The main and known reason for the increase in temperature on Earth is the level of quantity of rising carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The main reasons for this growing gas on earth are fossil fuels such as excessive use of coal and oil and deforestation. The level of carbon dioxide increases due to the number of trees falling on the ground, tree plants are the main source for the use of this harmful gases and it is released by humans in many ways (by breathing action etc.). Due to the increasing temperature, the risk of rising sea level, floods, storms, food shortages, and other diseases increases.

With excessive deforestation, we are spoiling the balance of nature, as well as technological advances like global carbon cycling are holes in the ozone layer, and this gives ultra-violet rays a chance to come easily on the ground, due to the increase in global warming. Is making it Trees have the best option to remove carbon dioxide from the air, so the deforestation must be stopped and people need to encourage trees to reduce the risk of global warming, in order to reduce its risk. We can achieve big-scale success. There is a need to stop the population explosion all over the world as this will reduce the use of destructive technologies on earth.


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