Internet Essay in English for kids and students

Essay on Internet in 200 words

Through the Internet, the life of the common man has become easy because through this we can do our bill without having to go out of the house, watch movies, do business transactions, buy things etc. Now that it has become a special part of our lives, we can say that without it we may have to face all the difficulties in our everyday life. Due to its ease and usefulness, it is used everywhere such as at work, schools, colleges, banks, educational institutions, training centers, shops, railway stations, airports, restaurants, malls and especially every one at home. For different purposes by the members As soon as we give money to our Internet service provider for its connection, we can use it for a week or more from any corner of the world. It depends on our internet plan.

Along with the entry of our Internet life, our world has changed in a big way, something positive, in some negative form. It is very beneficial for students, businessmen, government agencies, research institutes etc. This allows the student to get information related to his studies, the trader can do his own activities from one place, so that the government agency can complete his work on time, and with excellent research results and research can give excellent results. is.

Internet Essay in 400 words children and students

Internet is a global network that connects computers all over the world. It has made it very easy to achieve daily tasks, which was once a tough time and time consuming. We can not even imagine its own life, which is called the Internet. As everything on this earth is a gain-loss, the Internet also has a good and lasting effect on our lives. Online communication has become very simple and easy due to the Internet. In the olden times, there was a medium of communication, which was a long time consuming and difficult because for this one had to deliver a long distance message. But now, to open some social networking site, we just need to be connected to the Internet and also the message can be sent in seconds only via Gmail, Yahoo etc. Account.

Paper and paperwork can be avoided by computing every data in metros, railways, business industries, shops, schools, colleges, educational institutions, NGOs, universities, offices (government and non-government). Through this, news from around the world can be reported from time to time. It is very efficient and effective in submitting a lot of information, even if it is referred to any subject, will be available within a few seconds. It is very useful in education, travel, and business. It has made easy access to online public libraries, textbooks, and related topics.

In the earlier times when people were without internet, they had to engage in a long line of work for a variety of tasks such as to get tickets for railway. But in modern times, people can book tickets with just one click and keep a soft copy in your mobile phone too. In the world of the Internet, one does not have to travel long distance to travel to any business meeting or any other work. Any video can be part of the meeting by staying in its place with convincing, calling, skype or other ways. The Internet benefits us in a number of ways, such as in online school, college, or university admissions, in business and banking transactions, in the appointment of teachers and employees, applying driving licenses, collecting bill, etc. .


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