Jan Dhan Yojna Essay in English Language

Jan Dhan Yojna Essay for children and students 200 words

Money saving scheme of people started by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 28, 2014 Jan Dhan Yojna It is also called the Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojana, which is actually a property plan for the people to create some opportunities for common Indian people living in rural areas. This scheme started by the Prime Minister enables poor people to save money. To make people living here alone is to create a truly independent India. India is a country which is still counted among the developing countries due to the backwardness of people living in rural areas. The rate of people living below the poverty line in India is high due to inappropriate education, inequality, social discrimination and many social issues.

It is very necessary that awareness about the habit of saving money will increase, so that they are free to do something better in the future and there is some confidence in them. With the help of saved money, they can help themselves without any help. When every Indian people have their own bank account, they will understand the importance of saving money better.


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