Mesothelioma Cancer Symptoms Causes and Facts

Mesothelioma Cancer Symptoms Causes and Facts - Mesothelioma is a rare but deadly form of cancer: the five-year survival rate for patients diagnosed with disease is between five and ten percent. Although aggressive surgery can help some patients with mesothelioma in the early stages, and current treatment for patients with more advanced mesothelioma is not effective.

The physician researchers from the International Mesothelioma Program and Women's Hospital (BVH) at Brigham have taken care of patients with mesothelioma for the last 25 years in parallel and for a better goal in studying this disease in the laboratory. Understand your biology and develop your healing strategies to develop your weaknesses.

In a comprehensive genomic analysis using more than 200 tumors, investigators from Brigham and Women's Hospitals and Genetics scientists, including some previously unknown genetic changes, may have some that can be clinical action, as well as others that may improve the diagnosis. For patients predicted about screening and results, have found. The team's results are published in Nature Genetics this week.

"By studying so many samples, we are able to describe a spectrum of mutations for this rare disease. A small number of these mutations have already been found in other cancers, and the drugs developed to target these mutations "Written author Rafael Buño, MD, said on the leadership of chest diseases surgery and B.V. Head of the Division of Co-Director of H. Lung Center. "Anyone knew before now that these mutations can also be found in mesothelioma tumors. This new work goes on, with such changes patients can benefit from some existing drugs." In collaboration with colleagues, researchers analyzed samples of 216 malignant lung mesothelioma (UK), compared to cancer tissues of DNA and RNA from normal tissues. They have exposed more than 2500 changes, and 10 identified quite mutated genes. They also captured information on the presence of immune cells at the site of the tumor.

Genetic changes There are some suggestions that they may be matched for the treatment of one such type of BCR-ABL-1 block, as opposed to a patient's tumor. In order to help in the presence of other changes and especially the immune targets, pathologists can diagnose the right mesothelioma and predict patients will have poor or better results, which can come as better marker work. In the study it also analyzed tumor for the expression of PD-L1, a cancer immune target and found that sarcomatoid histology, a subtype of mesothelioma, could be a good candidate for anti-PD-L1 therapy.


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