New Mesothelioma Treatment

New Mesothelioma Treatment - Mesothelioma Cancer that develops is a very rare form of the membrane around a lot of organs within the body. This fatal disease usually affects the casing of the pleura, but can also develop from peritoneum and pericardium. This condition is difficult to treat, but the incident should be treated that even all hope is lost. The best opportunity for patients who are diagnosed in the early stages of the disease. The percentage of these is still disappointingly small.

There are many treatment options. Not all treatment treatments pass all patients. Treatment is made differently for each patient. Occasionally a combination of treatment applies. It all depends on the type of tumor and its location, its size, the degree of affected tissue surrounding, the condition of the disease, the patient's age and general health. The goal of treatment with the protection of normal cells of destruction of deadly cells is the goal. Fixed diagnosis is established as soon as treatment is done.
The outline of the surgical treatment includes, radiotherapy and / o chemotherapy.

Surgery procedures are either performed as a treatment in the purpose of mitigation morphology. If surgery for treatment of patient tumors has been removed with surrounding tissues. Occasionally, in an early stage of this disease, it can result in the complete eradication of tumor without the need for additional treatment. It is rather rare, but it continues. In most cases the later steps are identified, therefore, surgical treatment can only reduce the serious symptoms of the disease. This includes pleurodesis called. Pleurodesis is intended to make lung leaves from gliding together, which prevents the repetition of fluid. In these purposes, other chemical injections are used and done. Thoracentesis is also done. This process involves elimination of fluid through a fine needle in this pleura. In extreme cases, undergoing pleurectomy patients.

Radiation therapy is another treatment morphology. It usually takes place after surgery. High energy rays are used to kill tumor cells. Radiation therapy can be applied in the form of external beam therapy or brachytherapy. In the first case machines come from high energy rays and brachytherapy comprised of bronchi which are distributed in the distribution of radiation of tubes.

Chemotherapy is also applied in patients suffering from Mesothelioma. This disease does not cure, but can prolong the life span. Chemotherapy agents are a combination of needles or verbally administered. Side effects include nausea, vomiting and hematologic side effects.


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