Save Earth essay in English for students & kids

Save Earth essay in English for students & kids

Earth is our planet and there is a critical need for continuity of life. It is full of all the basic resources for the continuation of life, however, it is constantly being destroyed due to man's unethical behavior. Save the Earth or Save the Earth Campaign is a very important social awareness campaign, to bring some positive changes on the Earth which everyone must know about. To bring awareness among the students, teachers can give an essay or paragraph on the topic of Save the Earth. Nowadays, to increase the writing capacity and skills in the students, the work of essay writing or writing of paragraphs is given by teachers in colleges and schools.

As we all know, the only known planet in life is the whole universe. Therefore, we should respect whatever is received from the earth, and maintain it. We should protect Mother Earth, so that generations of our future can live in a safe environment. We can protect the earth by protecting trees, natural vegetation, water, natural resources, electricity etc. We must strictly adhere to the possible efforts to control environmental pollution and global warming. To eliminate pollution and to eliminate global warming, everyone should plant more trees in the area around them. Recycling of forestry, recycling, paper and other natural materials, natural resources (minerals, coal, stone, oil etc.), electricity, water and environment should be saved, encouraged and supported.


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