Startup India essay in English Language

Startup India essay in English Language

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, announced the launch of the new campaign, Startup India Standup India. These campaigns will be started by the Modi Government on January 16, 2016, with their entire work plan. This is the plan in which the start ups will be encouraged by the bank financing to the youth of the country. They will also encourage them to create entrepreneurship and job opportunities in the country. It is a very big step taken in the context of India's development by promoting entrepreneurship amongst the youth.

According to this scheme, branches of each bank will support them by encouraging at least one Dalit, tribal or women entrepreneur with ease. This will prove to be a very effective plan in India's development as it will encourage and enable the start-ups of the country which keep strong will and innovative ideas (which are necessary to bring the nation on a new track).

This initiative will prove to be a new dimension for entrepreneurship and will help new youth (Youth) establish their business and create direct network for start-ups through contacts. The highly skilled and multi-talented youth of the country will be fully benefitted through this campaign and will be able to create new jobs. This campaign is the result of the Modi government's commitment to make India a developed country with the availability of home, electricity, employment and other basic needs by 2022 to each.

Startup India Standup India essay 6 (400 words)


India is a country of many great personalities who are famous all over the world due to their works, sharp minds and high skills. However, our country is still on the developing track because of some concrete support and non-work in the right direction. India's youth is full of very talented, highly skilled and innovative ideas. These plans will be very helpful for them to use new and innovative ideas in the right direction.

What is startup india standup india

A new campaign titled Startup India standup India was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Independence Day 2015 speech. This is an effective plan to help the youth of the country by the Modi government. These initiatives have been made by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to give the youth an opportunity to become industrialists and entrepreneurs, for which there is a need to establish a start-up network. Start-up means giving finance to the youth of the country through Banko, so that they start well with better strength so that they can create more jobs in India.

This program is a great start to enable start-up with financial support so that they can use their new innovative ideas in the right direction. The Prime Minister has requested all the banks to support at least one Dalit and one woman entrepreneur. These plans will encourage new initiatives towards enterprise and will develop their career and economic development of the country.

Work Plan of Startup India Standup India

The complete procedure for this scheme will be presented on January 16, 2016. A plan will encourage entrepreneurship at the grassroots level in the country, which will ensure the benefit of the youth of the lower classes of society. The young mind is fresh (full of new ideas), new paths and new thinking, so it is better to startup. For the successful launch of this program, IIT, NIT, Central universities and IIM need to be contacted through direct-connectivity. The main objective of this scheme is to encourage the startup business along with bank finance to encourage entrepreneurship and new employment generation among them.


These initiatives are essential for leadership in India's right direction. The main point about this campaign is that it involves the youth of the country as a startup because they have a fresh thinking about fresh and innovative minds, necessary perseverance and leadership of business. It is a part of the youth society's energetic and high skill, so that is a better goal for this campaign.


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