10 amazing facts (shocking)

10 amazing facts

  1. Fart is good for health. Fad helps to relieve high blood pressure.

2. Handmade was actually made so that it can be ascertained that there is no weapon in the hands of the person you are meeting, and by hand mixing it shows that the person did not hide any arms in the sleeve

3. If a snake named Boomslang (Boomslung) is cut, then every hole in the body starts bleeding.

4. Women have the ability to endure pain more than men

5. Silver color car has the lowest accidents of the car. The most silver color car is seen on the road.

6. There is a rule in the UK that any pregnant woman can sacrifice Urine anywhere, even on the police officer's cap

7. Light tension in the brain helps to remember things, but more stress weakens the memory of the brain.

8. After rains, there is a strange odor in the soil. This odor comes from the bacteria called actinomycetes.

9. Eyes remain of the same size from birth to death but nose and ears always grow


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