10 Lines on Mango Fruit

Few Lines on Mango for kids

10 Lines on Mango

1. Mango is considered to be the king of fruit.

2. It comes in summer season.

3. India has the highest yield of mango.

4. Many different varieties of mango are found, such as dushari , chausa etc

5. In India, it is most liked.

6. The mango tree can be bigger than 100 feet.

7. National fruit of India is common.

8. It is found in many colors such as orange, yellow, red and green

9. There is also work to make chutney and pickle without common food.

10. In India, mango is cultivated for the last 5000 years.

Few Sentences on Mango - 2
  1. Mango is called the king of fruits and is also the national fruit of India.
  2. It is found in the summer season. Fal is a pulp that is scientifically related to Magnifera species.
  3. Mango is also the most liked fruit worldwide. Mango
  4. Many nutritional elements are found in it such as vitamins A, B and C.
  5. Many types of medicines are made from mango bark and leaves.
  6. Pickles, jams, chutneys etc. are made from Achari mango in addition to C.
  7. Mango can be eaten both raw and pucca, raw mango is mostly made of chutney, pickle, Muruba, Sarbat etc.
  8. The mango pickle of India is also very popular in India and abroad.
  9. Many species of mangoes such as Safeda, Dussehri, Langa mango, Malda, Sinduri etc. are found in small sizes.
10 sentences on Mango in English -3

  • 1.       Mango is the public result of India.
  • 2.       Mango is the ruler of natural items.
  • 3.       It's anything but's a sweet and great natural item.
  • 4.       There are more than 100 collections of mangoes in India.
  • 5.       Summer is the season when Indians hold on for the ruler of regular items.
  • 6.       Mango juice is the most adored juice on earth.
  • 7.       Mango is abundant in supplements A, C, and D.
  • 8.       These supplements help with thwarting disorders.
  • 9.       Mango is a weight preparing regular item.
  • 10.   Pickles and sticks are also delivered utilizing mangoes.

 Few sentences on Mango in English for students -4

11.   Children furthermore really like to eat mangoes.

12.   We should reliably eat sweet mangoes.

13.   Mango is a tasty yellow concealed regular item.

14.   Mango is found in the mid year season.

15.   Mango is also called the leader of normal items.

16.   Unripe mango is green in concealing and gets yellow ensuing to maturing.

17.   Supplement C is generally found in mango.

18.   Pickles, chutneys, leafy greens and murabbas are delivered utilizing rough mangoes.

19.   Prepared mangoes are generally eaten by sucking or cutting, beside this, its juice is moreover isolated and sloshed.

20.   Beside being brilliant, mango is furthermore useful for prosperity.

Mango tree is outlined from the parts (seeds) of mango.

Mango trees can live for quite a while.

 10 Points on Mango Fruit in English - 5

  1. Mango is national fruit of India.
  2. Mango is generally called 'King of Fruits'.
  3. Mango is found in colors like green, yellow, orange.
  4. Mango is found in summer season.
  5. Mangoes are of species like Safeda, Dashari, Langda mango etc
  6. From mango we can make mango pickle, mango chutney, jam, salad, syrup, etc
  7. Supplement A, C and D are found in mango.
  8. India is the solitary creator of 60% mangoes in the world.
  9. Mango natural item isn't simply profitable, mango tree is also seen as sanctified.
  10. Dried mango has Ayurvedic therapeutic properties.

 Few words on Mango - 6

  • Mango leaves are used to light up the doorway of the house and the Puja Kalash.
  • Mango is main fruit of India.
  • It is generally called the 'Master of Fruits'.
  • Supplement C is found in wealth in mango.
  • Beside supplement C, mangoes are furthermore abundant in supplement A, supplement B and diverse cell fortifications.
  • The leaves of the mango tree are moreover ample in supplements, minerals, enhancements, and cell fortifications used in the treatment or aversion of diabetes, beat, irritability, nerve and kidney stones, respiratory issues, and detachment of the insides.
  • India, Thailand, China and Indonesia are the greatest creator of mangoes.
  • Most of the mangoes conveyed in India are used in India itself.
  • Mango trees are uncommonly tall. Their height on occasion comes to up to 130 feet.
  • Mango trees have a more expanded future when appeared differently in relation to other regular item making trees.
  • In the wake of planting another mango tree it produces mango strangely following 4 years.
  • Mango is the public result of India. It's anything but's a thick natural item which is legitimately related to a creature types called Magnifera. Mango contains Vitamin A, C and D, consequently it is similarly called 'Master of Fruits'.
  • There are more than 100 (arrangements) of mangoes open in India. Mangoes are of various shadings, shapes and sizes. It has been created in India since a long time ago. People eat mango resulting to cutting, sucking it, use it as pickle. Mango is moreover used in chutney and other.


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