10 Lines on Mango Fruit

Few Lines on Mango for kids

10 Lines on Mango

1. Mango is considered to be the king of fruit.

2. It comes in summer season.

3. India has the highest yield of mango.

4. Many different varieties of mango are found, such as dushari , chausa etc

5. In India, it is most liked.

6. The mango tree can be bigger than 100 feet.

7. National fruit of India is common.

8. It is found in many colors such as orange, yellow, red and green

9. There is also work to make chutney and pickle without common food.

10. In India, mango is cultivated for the last 5000 years.

Few Sentences on Mango - 2

  1. Mango is called the king of fruits and is also the national fruit of India.
  2. It is found in the summer season. Fal is a pulp that is scientifically related to Magnifera species.
  3. Mango is also the most liked fruit worldwide. Mango
  4. Many nutritional elements are found in it such as vitamins A, B and C.
  5. Many types of medicines are made from mango bark and leaves.
  6. Pickles, jams, chutneys etc. are made from Achari mango in addition to C.
  7. Mango can be eaten both raw and pucca, raw mango is mostly made of chutney, pickle, Muruba, Sarbat etc.
  8. The mango pickle of India is also very popular in India and abroad.
  9. Many species of mangoes such as Safeda, Dussehri, Langa mango, Malda, Sinduri etc. are found in small sizes.

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