African Elephants Facts for Kids (Africans Elephants 10 Facts)

Interesting Facts about African Elephants :

African Elephants

Kids Facts for African Elephants 

  • African Elephants skin is more wrinkled.

  • African Elephants are large in size than the Asian Elephants.

  • Adult African Elephants weigh between 4000 to 7000 kg.

  • They have much large ears.

  • The elephant species found in Africa are the largest organisms in the world. Their size is much larger than Asian elephants.

  • They can be easily identified with the help of their big ears. Seeing their ears carefully they look like a map of Africa. Asian elephant species are small in size and height and their work is spherical.

  • You might think elephant ears are so big and what is the use of them? Actually, the elephant's ears are used to throw back the heat, so that it helps in staying cold.

  • Elephants like water much and they enjoy putting lot of water into the trunk and play them wet and wet themselves.

  • Elephants often take sludge on their skin after bathing, which protects them from sunlight.

  • Elephants are vegetarian. They eat the tree's roots, grass, fruit and tree bark. An adult elephant can digest 136 kg of food a day.

  • Elephants sleep only In search of food and water they make a herd and set long distances.

  • The female elephants live with their children in the herd, while the male elephants mostly go walking alone.

  • The elephant's gestation is 22 months long. Due to high stature and heavy weight pregnancy elephants have time for hard and cautious.

Elephant Habitat (Elephants Habitats their food ,distribution)


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